Why This Theme?

Review and select the themes available to you in WordPress. Select and install the theme that you like the best. In a new post, write why you selected a theme.

Looking through the available themes, it was hard to decide which to use (or even what criteria to use in making the decision). At first, I filtered for Custom Header and number of columns… with no success in finding a satisfying choice. After looking at some of the themes, though, I became aware of the Post Formats feature. This seemed like an interesting feature, so I filtered for Post Formats and then Custom Header.

There were 27 matches, three of which were premium ($) themes. That left 24 viable themes. Of those, my favorites were:

  • Bouquet
  • Coraline
  • Mystique
  • Twenty Eleven
  • Rusty Grunge
  • Chunk
  • Fruit Shake
  • DePo Masthead
  • Reddle

I ended up choosing the Bouquet theme, mostly because:

  • It had an option to remove the sidebar from the static pages
  • One of its color palettes (the Tiger Lily theme option) looked pretty good with the header image I had decided to use
  • It comes with support for the image, gallery, and aside Post Formats

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